Machine Learning

ML at the Intensity and Cosmic Frontiers

The Inter-experimental Machine Learning Working Group for the Intensity and Cosmic Frontiers

The Inter-experimental Machine Learning Working Group brings together a community of analyzers of HEP data who use and develop machine learning (ML) algorithms to solve physics problems. We share tools and applications, provide training and discuss challenges related to the use of ML tools in the HEP community.

We hold regular meetings focused on tool development, knowledge transfer and common solutions to known challenges. Experts from multiple experiments provide feedback and encourage collaboration among members in order to promote the use of ML tools in the community for problems for which they have been shown to be useful.

We are part of the global HEP community. We believe that building community in an inclusive environment advances knowledge transfer and promotes a more active community.

Our sister group, the Inter-Experimental LHC Machine Learning (IML) working group, is focused on building a community of researchers in machine learning in particle physics that brings together interested people from different experiments and external machine learning experts in academia and industry.

Monthly Meetings

We hold monthly phone meetings where members of different experiments are encouraged to show their progress applying machine learning tools, allowing them to showcase their applications to the community and get feedback from experts.

You can get involved by attending the next meeting and by suggesting topics or speakers.

DeepHEP Journal Club

Join experts on discussions about the most recent developments in deep learning applications, both in the field and outside.

Journal club meets monthly at Fermilab. You can find information about next month’s paper as well as meeting details in the deepHEP internal website.

Science and Applications

Find out more about the science we do at Fermilab and the exciting physics we apply machine learning to.